THE CHALLENGE OF 1940 by George H. Bender


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This is a particularly appropriate moment to write the report on this book, for the radio across the court -- and in the room near by, is bleating out the third ballot roll call of the Republican Convention. It seems to support the feeling that all political platforms and political conventions are just so much eyewash, all rhetoric, nothing concrete, nothing which can be realistically set in action. Bender, U.S. Congressman at large from Ohio, takes up the gauntlet, claims that democracy can be made to work, that freedom can be preserved, providing the Republican Party is brought in as economic and political repairman. He decries the debt, unemployment, decline in morale of the past seven and a half years. He attacks the alphabetical innovations, inveighs against the New Deal in failing to solve labor's problems, agriculture's problems, unemployment. For the solution only one candidate can provide the cure -- Senator Taft. What his programme is he outlines ethereally and theoretically. The book sustains justifiably the attack and criticism of Roosevelt; but it doesn't offer any reason for believing that the other side can do better. At the moment I feel:- ""A plague on both your houses"".

Publisher: Putnam