PACIFIC PARTNER by George H. Johnston


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A book about Australia at war, which serves as an introduction to the country and the people and is the best of the books about the land down under, contemporary and sympathetic. He depicts the Digger, the Australian soldier, hard-boiled idealist, practical joker, blunt and independent and a ""tiger for fight""; how he has performed on varied fronts. Australia's leaders, -- Curtin the plain, quiet, ""little feller"" who has become loved and respected; the American MacArthur, severe, remote; Evatt, rough and tumble Foreign Minister; Australian General Blamey. He reports on the home front under Curtin's strictly observed work or Fight regime with food and clothes and gas curtailed to a bare minimum. He tells of the coming of the Americans and the defense of the last Pacific base, with the American Fifth Army Air Force's brilliant record. He discusses Australia's post war problems. Brightened with anecdotes, incidents to give immediacy and humor.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce