ANITHING CAN HAPPEN by George & Helen Papashvily


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And lots does, when George Papashvily, a Georgian, comes to America from his native Russia, after the last war. This is a warmly human story of immigrants becoming American, based largely on the author's own story, embellished with incidents that build up into good story telling. There are the hardships of finding work, of being cheated and laughed at, of making new friends, of enjoying old friends. There's a wonderful account of a trip across country in an old car piled high with an assortment of furniture, beloved keepsakes, and people. There's a wide range of jobs -- and of places sampled and found wanting. Finally, married, owning his own farm in Pennsylvania, with friends near by, he finds his own place in the country he has come to love. Somewhat idealized propaganda for this ""nlting pot"" of the world, but a story simply and sympathetically told -- with a certain naivete of style in the quite evidently foreign sentence structure throughout. An appealing tale.

Publisher: Harper