CLOSER TO THE SUN by George Johnson


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Report repeated from p. 407 of the May 1st bulletin, when scheduled for earlier publication, as follows: ""An increasingly seductive literary background- a Greek island- adds strong color values to a story which rather drags its feet-but for those with time on their hands it's a pleasant waystop. On Silenos, David and Kate Meredith join the small emigre and expatriate colony there-looking for a new way of life, (escape from the pressure of the London newspaper world) and some less precarious, more prominent direction to their marriage, on the whole a satisfactory one but still the victim of the years and habit. They are part of the mixed group there: Arthur Sinclair, a retired naval officer, and his wife Beth; Conrad Fegel, a Czech, broken by the war years, and Janecek, his compatriot, who 'cashed his soul in' in the same concentration camp; Suvora, an Armenian millionaire; the widowed Erica Barrington, who leads a very private life and whose highly subdued sophistication attracts David; , a young Frenchman, with an overtly physical approach- to Kate; and finally David's brother Mark who comes to retrieve him from his 'visionary escapism' on the island. While he fails, Kate's impulsive affair with Mouilet has a salutary effect on their marriage, and the island ambience, with its 'too much light' and leisure does provide the right exposure-of themselves to each other.... Shimmery, summery stuff-but no more.

Publisher: Morrow