FRANK COSTELLO: Prime Minister of the Underworld by George & Joseph DiMona Wolf

FRANK COSTELLO: Prime Minister of the Underworld

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Beloved Mafia godfather Frank Costello died at 83 after a long happy life of murder, robbery, extortion, bootlegging, corrupting politicians and the law, running gambling syndicates (but not dirtying his income with whores and dope), and giving the long ice to too-uppity underlings who wouldn't take his advice. Frank is fondly remembered by his co-octogenarian lawyer of 30 years who sees him as a great peacemaker among squabbling mobsters in this sympathetic portrait, High-living Frank was a great consumer of the services of the Waldorf and was always overdressed for his court appearances. This bio shows little that's new, despite Wolf's nearness to Costello. Instead of intimate anecdote we get a recital of social history, with Bugsy, Lucky, Vito and Al Capone once more pulling their capers as predictably as Rockettes doing their kicks.

Pub Date: June 7th, 1974
Publisher: Morrow