WHITETAIL: The Story of a Whitetail Deer by George Laycock

WHITETAIL: The Story of a Whitetail Deer

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That slightly redundant title pretty well sums the book up. The descriptions concentrate mainly on the deer's first year, with a brief vision of the large, well-antlered buck in later years. There is very little fictionalization, and the book comes very close to being straight non-fiction. Aside from the material it offers about deer, the book gives some excellent insights into what can happen in an area when the balance of nature is disturbed. The author, a well-informed nature writer, also did Never Pet a Porcupine and Never Trust a Cowbird, both of which were more intriguing and readable than this. It's informative, but mediocre in terms of this popular genre.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1966
Publisher: Norton