ONE WAY OF LIVING by George M. Docherty
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The Nature, Problems and Implication of Christian Conversion,--says the subtitle of this book--which is to say the whole range of the life of man when he falls under the spell and responds to the call of God. The Reverend George Docherty, minister at the New York Presbyterian Church, Washington, D. C. speaks of the things of the spirit with richness of language and imagery which comes from the deep conviction of a highly literate man, at home in literature as well as the Bible, and in the world. His words both charm and convince, and must succeed in persuading the most reluctant reader to consider if not embrace this highly commended way of living. The way is not painted in rosy colors or made rewarding with the sirens of success. It is the kind of way which a man can see and follow only in travail of soul,-- and be satisfied. Mature Christians will read this book both in their discomfort and delight.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1958
Publisher: Harper