THE PURITAN HERITAGE by George M. Stephenson


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This is really a history of Protestantism in America, written on the thesis that the pattern for Protestant life was set by our Puritan fathers. A description is given of the religious life and faith of the Puritans and of many of the Protestant movements and organizations which grew out of that beginning. The beginnings of Quakerism and Methodism are described, as is the effect of the Great Revival. A disproportionate amount of space is given to the work of such organizations as the American Home Missionary Society, the American Tract Society, the American Bible Society, and the various temperance organizations and the anti-slavery movement. The author, too, devotes a good deal of attention to the effect upon American religious life of the European immigration of the late 19th Century and the resulting growth in the strength of Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism. He gives the impression that the virility of American Protestantism was diluted by immigration and that we need to be reminded that America is what it is because of our Puritan heritage.

Pub Date: Feb. 11th, 1952
Publisher: Macmillan