THE SAMURAI by George MacBeth


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The British poet has written ""An Entertainment"" (read exaggeration) with considerable erotic and violent maquillage all about a private-eyeful called Cadbury who would put Modesty Blaise to shame. She's the first 69 agent in the Service, has one lover called Valerian, another who is her borzoi dog, Alexis, and keeps two bidets in her bathroom which hardly seem enough, considering. Anyway after the seppuku (more ""frequently and vulgarly"" known in the West as harakiri) of a samurai later beheaded in the hospital, she's sent out on an assignment which has something to do with the Israeli, something to do with the samurai and everything to do with naked swords and sheaths before the end when Valerian is killed and she returns home to find Alexis rigid in the bathroom, his little instrument like a ""strange exotic fruit"" in a box along with the message ""Detach yourself."" You might have done just that unless you're looking for a campy game of Go.

Pub Date: July 31st, 1975
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich