THE SURVIVOR by George MacBeth


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Those familiar with MacBeth's poetry and his Cadbury sex-spy series will not be a bit surprised at what transpires when a WW II Japanese captain--guilt-ridden because his daughter drowned herself after their hot incest--survives his kamikaze plunge onto a deserted isle in the Pacific. In some sort of semi-amnesia state, he dreams about sex with his daughter's dead body. In a lighthouse, he finds the body of an American G.I. and dismembers it, feeding pieces to a Labrador retriever that happens by. Then an adolescent girl without a tongue washes up on shore, so: the girl with the captain (oral sex, rape with a crucifix) and the girl with the Labrador (missionary position only). Captain jealous of dog, so: bondage and flagellation (inflicted on girl, not dog). Enter a native. Captain vs. native (girl, excited, masturbates). Then the girl with the native (""Please fuck me hard, she wrote""). Then the drowning of the girl, mid-copulation with the captain. The fact that all or any of the above may perhaps just be fantasies in the captain's grief-stricken noggin will not make much difference to the bored, offended, or aroused reader. Artsy porno at its artsiest, its porniest, and--worst of all--its most predictable.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1978
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich