THE EYE BOOK: A Specialist's Guide to Your Eyes and Their Care by

THE EYE BOOK: A Specialist's Guide to Your Eyes and Their Care

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Dr. Esterman's style suggests the seasoned pro he is: Consulting Ophthalmic Surgeon at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Director Emeritus at other institutes, and so on. The question-and-answer format he adopts in sections of the book must repeat dialogue that has occurred thousands of times in his career. Esterman reassures us that for all their marvelous delicacy and precision, eyes come equipped with a lot of natural protection. It won't ruin your eyes not to wear glasses (except where glasses help correct cross eye or lazy eye problems) nor will it hurt to wear glasses all the time. And in spite of what your mother said, you won't go blind by using your eyes constantly--eyes don't wear out. In addition to answering typical questions, Esterman explains the common refractive errors, disorders, infections, and aging problems. Asides about today's pampered youth, or the wish that ears, too, came equipped with lids to suppress rock music mark the man of years and opinions. These, combined with allusions to case histories (often cautionary tales), add a personal note often lacking in health guides. Esterman deals with eye problems of children, discussing dyslexia and reading blocks as well as physical problems. There is also a chapter on stress and psychosomatic eye problems. He reserves for the end discussion of innovations such as contacts which could be worn for long periods of time, and more technical aspects of anatomy or physiology. Even here the style is readable and clear. This information plus a thorough first-aid guide merit high marks. A useful and likable reference on vision and eye care.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Great Ocean Publishers, (738 South 22nd Street, Arlington, Va. 22202)