FLASHMAN'S LADY by George MacDonald Fraser


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That cad Flashman, the raging bully who mercilessly hazed Tom Brown in Tom Brown's School Days, has gone on to star in five of his own bed-and-battle adventures (excerpts from his memoirs), and continues his lubricious epic hellbent,'still buffeted by lust ("". . . so I had her breasts out with one hand and my breeches down with the other while I was still kicking the door to, and she completed her undressing while we were positively humping the mutton all the way to the couch. . . . By George, she was a heavy woman, but nimble as an eel for all her elegant poundage. . .""). After his liaison with Lola Montez in Bavaria, Flashman's back in England, picking up dirty money by cheating at cricket; by skill, luck, and trickery he defeats the three greatest cricketers in Christendom. At one match his beautiful birdbrain wife Elspeth indiscreetly sets herself up to be seduced by a swarthy Far Eastern millionaire, and then on a pleasure cruise to Singapore and other far places, she's kidnapped by him. Flashy is off in chase, starting brushfire wars in minor Eastern countries and falling into the arms of Madagascar's lustful mass-murderess Queen Ranavalona, whom he pleasures in her bath. Neither Flashy nor Fraser show any lack of steam, and this remains among the most stylish series about 19th-century military studsmen.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1978
ISBN: 0452264898
Publisher: Knopf