THE LIGHT PRINCESS by George MacDonald
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It is a good thing to be light-hearted, I am sure,"" says the king of his buoyant daughter. ""It is a bad thing to be light-headed,"" answers the queen, and in their battle of wits lies the difference between this edition, authentic as to text and shrewdly illustrated, and the other separate versions available, cut and prettied-up. In design it resembles The Golden Key, and the immediate impression of seemliness and, yes, gravity is sustained by the pen drawings; however tart or ridiculous, they evoke a slow, spreading smile--just what the princess, lacking morbidezza, lacked. At the close Mr. MacDonald assures us that the prince and princess had ""children of boys and girls, not one of whom was ever known, on the most critical occasion, to lose the smallest atom of his or her due gravity""; but he last sentence is not the last word--in the frontispiece a naked baby boy is floating in the window while a lady, head bent in thought, sits holding a book. Magnifico.

Pub Date: Nov. 28th, 1969
ISBN: 1169201830
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux