THE SQUARE PEG by George Malcolm-Smith


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The farce situation of the self-effacing bright boy against rough obstacles is set up here when racketeer Gozzo's mouthpiece decides that ""the organization needs organization"" and they hire innocent Harvey B. Hines to be their personnel psychologist. Hines' questionnaires and tests of the thugs and hoods leads to more than one shake-up; his attempts to rehabilitate a confirmed safeblower, lead to the apprehension of evidence on Gozzo which the Intelligence Unit of the Bureau of Internal Revenue has been looking for; his heart interest, a part of the Unit, and her boss, alert him to the viciousness of Gozzo's empire and the chase is on. All around Mahattan -- from Wall Street and Trinity graveyard to the Museum of Natural History, and the train trip to 125th Street to the police line up -- Hines and his Mildred sees justice done to the mobsters. For lighterminded moments, this has some spark offs.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1952
Publisher: Doubleday