THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Guide to musical Enjoyment by George Marek

THE GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Guide to musical Enjoyment

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For a popular- not a professional- market, this collection of pieces which appeared originally in Good Housekeeping and which give an informal, familiar, relaxed introduction to music. The area of coverage here is pretty wide, ranging from the enjoyment of music, listening to music, the development of taste, to the make-up of the orchestra, the function of chamber music, the opera. Music at home, whether you play or just listen; music with your children (lessons, concerts, etc.); the business side of music; composers-with profiles of some famous favorites and a discussion of some specific works; books, records, musical terms, songs, anecdotes, etc. etc. all this is aimed at an amateur audince to heighten its listening pleasure.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1949
Publisher: Rinehart