CHANCE AWAKENING by George Markstein


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The trauma of being a sleeper spy--from the suddenly awakened sleeper's befuddled point of view. For seven years, Russian agent Michael Golly has lived in London and worked as a toy manufacturer, and recently (against KGB rules) he has fallen in love with roommate Sharon. Now suddenly he is receiving code messages and visits from ""John Chance,"" who claims to be Michael's control agent. But Michael, who'd much rather have stayed asleep in any case, can't be absolutely sure that Chance isn't really British Intelligence. So he breaks all the rules and flies to New York, seeking guidance from higher spy authorities and, in the blundering process, causes the death of a fellow agent. Back in London, an agent named Richardson contacts Michael, claiming to be the real control and ordering Michael to kill Chance. Chance, of course, orders Michael to kill Richardson. You get the idea--and it's a neat one, executed with zip, brusque economy, and an impressive absence of confusion. Only Michael's terribly benign, intentionally likable nature is something of a sticking point--would Russia really use such a softie?--but the speedy criss-crossing won't let that bother you for more than a millisecond.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1978
ISBN: 0755102975
Publisher: Ballantine