GWOT! Horribly Funny Hairticklers by George Mendoza
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GWOT! Horribly Funny Hairticklers

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Lock the doors and douse the lights -- three ghastly, ghostly monster stories are headed your way. There's the big black snake that grows bigger and badder every time the farmer cuts off its head until...; the old gnarled stump of a woman who sups on a hairy toe and sleeps until...; Humbert the fierce hunter who sets his dogs Sniffem, Chasem and Catchem, on the trail of the horrible and ferocious Gumberoo until the Gumberoo spreads its scent over Humbert and....As diabolically drawn, the people come from Dogpatch, the monsters from the nearest nightmare. Keep it out of the hands of timid souls; the others will keep it out of your hands.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1967
Publisher: Harper & Row