A PIECE OF STRING by George Mendoza


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George Mendoza's little fable is as tenuous as a thread, yet it carries a message as strong as steel. It begins with a man who keeps a lovebird on a piece of string because he loves the bird and is afraid it will not come to him otherwise. The lovebird sickens despite devoted attentions because he is not free, and one day he seizes his chance to escape out the window. He comes upon a flea in the zoo, who loves the aging lion he tends, and the pair fly off to the Island of the Moon. There they discover that everyone is beautiful but needs no one else, so they return to their respective charges, man and lion...and the man, at last understanding, releases the bird. The reader is as tightly tied to the message as poor Sir Launcelot was to his owner; the story is too slender to sustain it. A dewdrop for the Gallico audience.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1966
Publisher: Obolensky