STRONG MAN RULES by George N. Shuster


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A calm, intelligent, broad-minded explanation of the situation in Germany and its historical interpretation. The Nazi faith, claims Mr. Shuster, is not the idea of one individual but the coordination of highly varied viewpoints, representing different racial influences, cultures, faiths and forms of government. His analysis of the parts played in the new German nationalism by theocratic, aristocratic, militaristic, primitive and racial influences is exceptionally well handled. He goes into the Nazi-Jewish problem and the reasons back of it. He discusses the disastrous effect on society of the principle, ""the individual is nothing, the State is everything"", -- a tendency to halt all forms of social welfare. He warns his readers that there is to be ""battle without mercy against those whose actions belie the common interest"". And further states. ""The Continent as a whole is in for a period of twilight sleep, disturbed by nightmares. The destiny of the world has been intrusted to other continents."" Good bibliography -- chiefly German, with a few titles in English.

Pub Date: July 20th, 1934
Publisher: Appleton-Century