MACARTHUR: Man of Action by

MACARTHUR: Man of Action

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A best face forward presentation of a famous figure, this admits the hostility he has aroused as well as the hostility, explains the embittering experience as Chief of Staff which has motivated his overbearing tactics, and gives full due to the brilliance, the determination, the stamina and severity of a great general. The biography traces his military background and the tremendous influence of his mother; his first marriage to a divorcee socialite and the second marriage to Jean who softened his austerity; his World War I career a ""hell to breakfast baby"" who was loved by the men under him; his appointment as Chief of Staff in 1930 which caused considerable resentment in Washington; his retirement- and his recall after Pearl Harbor and the gallantry of his stand in the Philippines; his rule of post-war Japan and the charter of liberty he gave to the people; his handling of the Russians, first at the council table, and later in the open conflict in Korea... The audience for this will be chiefly among his admirers, although the current crisis will lend an increased interest and impetus.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday