SEADRAGON: Northwest Under The Ice by George P. Steele

SEADRAGON: Northwest Under The Ice

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The skipper of the nuclear submarine Seadragon tells how his massive undersea ship made the first east-west traverse of the Arctic Sea in the summer of last year, of the fascinating, sometimes harrowing experiences of that voyage, and of the tremendous preparations necessary for the historic trip. Put through an intensive training and preparatory program by Vice Admiral Rickover, Steele left on a submarine especially equipped with the newest of sonar and iceberg detecting devices. Exploring new passages, investigating giant icebergs hundreds of feet under the sea, Seadragon surfaced occasionally to find herself in a strange, white Arctic world in which the tops of the bergs crowded around her like ominous mountains. The author also explains some of the workings of the big craft, the way in which the crew lives submerged for weeks, and his thoughts during the trip. Capably handled, the story makes very good reading.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1961
Publisher: Dutton