UP IN OUR COUNTRY by George Palmer Putnam


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The annals of living in a home on a hill, by a retired publisher, this has a comfortable old slippers in front of the-fire approach. Perched in the Whitman Portal, in Owens Valley, California, the author, with his wife, and itinerant companion, Chuck, find that taking to the hills has more than enough rewards. What with the events that led up to the decision where to light, the determination to reduce the pace when middle life arrives, the change over from bachelor beatitudes to amenities for the lady, the problems of gardening, the literary life and rustication, the comings and goings of the city bred, the discovery of neighbors who ""remember when"", the things seen and done aboard Pet (their car), days are never empty. Add to this the occular excursions -pertaining to wild life, both flora and fauna, wood, water and skylines and the history and problems of each, the story of the man with the wheelbarrow, of mining, of the many bird friends -- and enemies -- they made, of the maraling deer, -- and you have a man who has found contentment with the way of life he has chosen. Outdoors, relaxed audience for this.

Pub Date: July 21st, 1950
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce