OUT OF MY LEAGUE by George Plimpton


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George Plimpton, who is the editor of the Paris Review, and with some help from Sports Illustrated, had an old dream of glory which came true with his mound appearance- in an exhibition game-between the National and American Leagues. (He'd been a pitcher of sorts in school- and in the army.) With a few words of advice from Toots Shor, some mild training in his New York apartment, an ill-fitting outfit from a sporting goods store, Plimpton appeared at the Stadium where he was to pitch against both teams for the $1000 most-hits award. Announced as ""Prufrock"" over the P.A. system, the ""palest pitcher"" ever took the mound and with a ""strange herky jerky motion"" (the professional verdict) made his appearance, and after a few successful pitches, sagged and collapsed out there.... Plimpton's account of this experience --from the first high hopes to the foregone humiliation, has a pleasant, easy kind of humor and it should appeal to that market already limbered up by other baseball spectator and participator annals, Brosnan, Garagiola, etc.

ISBN: 1153075148
Publisher: Harper