JESUS SON OF MAN by George S. Duncan


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To the thousands of volumes that have been published dealing with the life and teachings of Jesus, Dr. Duncan, principal of St. Mary's College in the University of St. Andrew's, Scotland, adds still another. And, like most of its predecessors, this book has a definite contribution to make to our understanding of Jesus of Nazareth. The point of view of the author is that of one who would reconcile two often conflicting views. These are the views of those who have focussed their attention on the human Jesus and have endeavored to reconstruct for us an historical personality by the means of scientific and critical analysis of our sources of information. On the other hand others have approached their study of Jesus in the light of the faith inspired by Him in the church. As a result the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith have often appeared to be totally different concepts. In his endeavor to synthesize these points of view the author has been very successful. The arrangement of his material is admirable. It marshals the findings of scholars in support of his general theses, but he never loses the reader in a maze of technical detail. This is primarily a volume for ministers and others who wish to see what the rival and often conflicting claims of theological scholars involve for their conception of the central figure of our Christian faith.

Publisher: Macmillan