LORDS OF THE PRESS by George Seldes
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Here is a book on which you should be thoroughly informed, because the chances are that the book will be ignored by the press, as was Seldes' You Can't Do That, published last Spring by Modern Age (see page 113). This is dynamite -- as sensational and more frightening in its expose of the press, as America's. Sixty Families in its field. A thorough analysis of the policies, practices and personalities of the leading newspapers in the country, and one after another falls under the ax. Even Stern, independent owner of the New York Evening Post, is suspected of pussy-footing, in recent months; the courageous editor of the St. Louis Post Dispatch has pulled down his flag; the Daily News isn't free from playing to the powers. He puts his finger on the servants of the lords as well, Lippmann, Dorothy Thompson, etc. The final section shows what the man in the street can do about it. A challenging and exciting book, not in its point of view only (most of us have had our eyes opened already) but in its forthrightness.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1938
Publisher: Messner