YOU CAN'T DO THAT by George Seldes


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This book has as much dynamite as America's Sixty Families though the focus is not on individuals but on organizations. And such as a lacing as some of them are in for:- the Liberty League, the National Civic Federation, the American Legion, the D. A. R., the Vigilantes, the Elks, and the various and sundry pro-fascist, pro-Nazi organizations. The press comes off badly, throughout. The courts do not emerge untainted. In fact, one begins to wonder where we can safely look. He puts up a good plea for supporting the American Civil Liberties Union, but otherwise one feels in the midst of a den of thieves, out-throats, self-seekers, and worshippers of the almighty dollar. It's exciting reading -- if you happen not to be flicked on the raw. But it has a lot of explosive material and may cause a sensation.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1938
ISBN: 1153570947
Publisher: Modern Age