TIME FOR LIVING by George Soule


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An economist's vision of technological emancipation from the demands of work, this contribution to the future theory of the leisure class rests upon a positive faith in the intellectual capacity of man. ""Average people, Mr. Soule tells us, ""will more and more come to regard what they can do with their unpaid time not merely as amusement or escape, but also as the serious business of life. That is what they may come to live for."" With the diligent erudition he brought to A Planned Society and Ideas of the Great Economists, Mr. Soule draws upon Malthus, Mill, Smith, Thoreau, Veblen and a host of socialist writers to elaborate and clarify his views, but the basic fund of though comes from his own logic and estimate of human impulse, his compilation and analysis of the daily indications of newspapers and scientific reports. Mr. Soule has a persuasive but light hand throughout, and wisely skirts the questions of atomic blitz or interplanetary flight, both of which could, literally and figuratively, pull the ground from under his solid arguments. Entertaining especially for hot-weather middle-brows.

Publisher: Viking