SIDNEY HILLMAN: Labor, Statesman by George Soule
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SIDNEY HILLMAN: Labor, Statesman

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Excellent in its field, but acknowledgly left wing and limited to those who really want to know the facts behind the legend, the story of one of the great powers in today's labor problems. Hillman is the subject of much controversial opinion. Here is the first authentic biography, authorized because he was persuaded that in his methods and viewpoint was something that would help other leaders to an understanding of the true worth of the democratic philosophy of life and politics. It is not so much Hillman's personal story as the analysis of the labor causes to which he has given himself. Soule is liberal and sympathetic in his presentation. He endorses Hillman's ideals and work, feeling that in him is to be found the type of leader who can bring business and labor together. The text is livened with interesting experiences of Hillman as a young leader in Chicago, as pioneer in the labor field of the clothing industry, as head of the Amalgamated and one of the leaders of the C. I. O. Soule defines his book as ""a case study in creative and democratic leadership."" He shows Hillman leading by cooperation rather than enforced authority. Exceedingly well done, and interesting, and should be an eye-opener to those who want to see.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1939
Publisher: Macmillan