LONGER LIFE by George Soule


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An attack against the contemporary concept of longevity is based on the fallacy of assuming that old age implies incapacitation - and that the last of life is restricted only by the stereotypes - and stigmas - we attach to it. Arguing on the basis of statistical evidence, Mr. Soule proves that there are no diseases (i.e. degenerative diseases) particularly characteristic of old age; that there are no significant physiological effects and that the efficiency of the old remains unimpaired in most areas; that the burden of national dependents will increase - while Social Security provisions are inadequate; that retirement is unwanted -as well as unnecessary - providing that we correct our attitudes which segregate the old, and integrate them in our social pattern.... Mr. Soule makes his points efficiently and effectively and they should find many adherents.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1958
Publisher: Viking