BERT JONES: Born to Play Football by George Sullivan

BERT JONES: Born to Play Football

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Sullivan introduces Colts quarterback Bert Jones on the field, achieving a ""stunning victory"" over the Dolphins despite the searing pain of several cracked ribs, then takes him back to a ""red-clay Louisiana"" childhood where, as son of Cleveland Browns' Dub Jones, he's been throwing since age four. After playground-level ""crazy football"" at home and a ""splendid performance"" at LSU, Jones went to Baltimore in 1973--""the plum of the draft"" according to general manager Joe Thomas who is profiled here as a ""wheeler-dealer."" Bert bombed out as leading quarterback that first season and there were more bad years for the team before that crucial Dolphin upset in 1975 and Jones' 1976 designation as NFL Player of the Year. Sullivan concentrates on the field and the scoreboard, with some attention to managerial politics and a glimpse of the country boy at home with ""Mommy and Daddy"" and his own plane.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1977
Publisher: Putnam