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For the school girl who wants to be a school rearm or, possibly, the school boy who wants to be a school master, here are the jobs available in the field of elementary education, the way to prepare and train for them, and the ""feeling"" of being a teacher. The author surveys each level and type of elementary education touching on programs, methods and goals, and pointing out the special qualities needed by the teacher to meet the demands of the students. Knowledge and method are both necessary to bean effective teacher, but the former must precede the latter. True and imaginary stories, comments by and about teachers, reveal what it is like to conduct a class--the satisfactions and the problems. The information is as up-to-date as ""new math"" and i.t.a., the advice is practical, and, with the exception of a detailed description of job interviews, pertinent for the age level. Au extensive bibliography ""for those who wish to read in depth"" is arranged by category, and appendices list institutions which offer MAT programs in elementary education and guidance. An apple for Mr. Lloyd.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1967
Publisher: Little, Brown