THE BOOM IN GOING BUST by George Sullivan


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The title is corroborated by the statistic that for 8500 consumer bankruptcies in 1946, there were 192,000 in 1967. This then is a book for the consumer whose overextended cuff may find him in a situation which is out of hand (spending can be as obsessive as alcoholism). But then there's the sanctuary of straight bankruptcy (""it sure beats a nervous breakdown"") even though as later explained it may affect your character as well as your credit rating. The general information here gives some history of early laws and their liberalization; facts on filing a proceeding; Chapter XIII and its provisions (often overlooked, particularly by venal lawyers); garnishment; and counseling available as a preventative. Most of the trouble seems to be in our credit system -- buy now, no pay later. This is the first popular book on bankruptcy (affirmed by the Subject Gukle) and it is just as interesting as it is serviceable.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Macmillan