LETTERS FROM A SAINT by George T.- Ed. Eggleston


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This volume contains thirty-seven short instructions drawn from the Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales, the compassionate, gentle and psychologically perceptive spiritual director and Bishop of Geneva of the seventeenth century. They are selected in such a way ""that the busy layman can put the saint's instructions and exercises to daily uses"". Five minutes' careful reading of one selection each day over a period of a year or so could help the man of practical affairs to develop a habit of recollection and meditation so necessary to true peace of soul and true spiritual and moral advancement. The saint's admonitions and observations are perennially relevant and his advice is always very balanced and practical without being tainted with the spirit of mediocrity one sometimes finds going along with these qualities. Sample instructions are on Anxiety, Judgment of Others, Inquietude, Temptations, True Humility, Meekness.

Publisher: Holt