GYPSY EARTH by George W. Harper


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Another neo-pulp space battle; in this one the doughty clans of bonnie Scotland vanquish the dastardly alien foe. Canny Duncan Campbell, busy conStructing an asteroid base, receives news of a surprise attack on Pluto, so off he scoots to engage the enemy fleet. The invading aliens prove ludicrously inept, and Duncan blows them to pieces--but they have a hyperdrive, which Earth doesn't, and the survivors escape. Next time the aliens attack en masse but again are repulsed; vengefully they shoot destabilizing torpedoes into the sun, causing it to nova. And as Earth fries, many groups escape inside hollowed-out asteroids by fitting them with rockets and zooming off in all directions. So finally Duncan, now commanding a heavily-armed rock crammed with fighting Scots, steers for the alien home star system--where he destroys their home planet and their battle fleet, capturing the secret of the hyperdrive before heading out to found a new Scotland elsewhere. Adorned with elephantine politicking, longwinded discussions, and lots of often-erroneous technical details (e.g., Harper confuses velocity with acceleration): Star Wars in tartans, with some possible ethnic appeal.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday