FIGHTING LIBERAL by George W. Norris


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An autobiography that amplifies and personalizes the biography, Democracy's Norris, by Lief (Stackpole, 1939). The 83-year old author, born in Ohio, representing Nebraska in the House for ten years, and in the Senate for twenty nine years, tells of his frontier heritage, the influence that resulted in his beliefs in living simply, getting joy from work, respecting justice, and encouraging and inspiring the oppressed. Here are the incidents conditioning his conceptions of social justice, his early judgship, his not so happy years in the House, as he struggled over reform of House rules, public utilities in Muscle shoals, etc. His explanation of his isolationism in the last war and his reversal in this, and his opposition to the Treaty of Versailles. There are pictures of the presidents under whom he served, his ideas on post-war problems. An open, likable self-portrait, which is also political history of progressive action along independent lines. Interesting as a testament to a grand old man's belief in the American spirit and his own manifestations of it.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1945
ISBN: 1406705403
Publisher: Macmillan