LITTLE BOY BLUES by George Willis


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The tougher, tighter terminology for a story with softer sentiments of a young man with a horn, Lou Carey, and the woman who did him very wrong. Here is the concentrated, consecrated labor of learning to play hot music; the early days of scratching around in little bands for no money; the meeting with Joyce, who loved him, and put up the money for a band of his own; the start in St. Louis, where he met up with Cleo who framed him into marriage, had his child, then sued him for desertion and kept him from his son, clawed him for money. Reaching the end of his endurance at the treatment the boy is getting, he is getting, Lou kidnaps his child, brutalizes Cleo and her lawyer into submission, and clears the way for his future and that of the child... Effective enough-but only temporarily so - and it's a little difficult to designate a market.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton