OVER FORTY: Feeling Great and Looking Good! by George with Mickey Herskowitz Blanda

OVER FORTY: Feeling Great and Looking Good!

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George Blanda, the recently retired Oakland Raiders' star, has a 48-year-old body that would apparently pass for one ten years younger. His extra-long football career was a testament to his extraordinary fitness, and here--with the help of some cheery personal history, a question-and-answer section including information on how to minimize the risk of heart attack, and some low-calorie recipes to sweeten the pot--he imparts the secrets of his fitness program to men around his own age. Aerobic exercise (""exercise which uses oxygen at low enough levels to draw it from the outside atmosphere and not from out of body stores"") like jogging, swimming, or cycling is recommended as the best possible way to get and stay in shape. There are stress tests to determine one's level of fitness as well as post-exercise exercises to ease aching muscles. A wellput-together book to shape up a less-well-put-together male body.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1978
Publisher: Simon & Schuster