NIGHT OF THE FLOOD by George Woodman


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A high wind and a spring tide bring an invasion of the land by the sea to an English coastal town and affect the lives of an assorted group of people. The first part, focusing on the force of the high water, is more persuasive than the aftermath in which individual destinies are resolved. For Stephen it brings freedom from the bank and a new love in Louise whom he had saved from suicide; Louise' desire for life is resurrected and, after an interlude of separation, they are reunited. There is a bank robbery which the flood obstructs but which brings an unexpected windfall to a scheming, insolvent woman; a man who has planned to run away from his wife -- and the firm which he has ruined -- is forced to return. The sea as an enemy and a friend and as a catalyst is a good theme but it makes pulp of cardboard.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1957
Publisher: Dutton