OLLIE MISS by George Wylie Henderson


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A negro story, told with a ring of authenticity and an inner understanding of the people that gives it reality. It belongs with Scarlet Sister Mary and with Candy -- but is written by a negro. The story of crop sharers, but especially the story of Ollie Miss whose devotion secretly centered on good-for-nothing Jule, but who discovered ultimately that what she really wanted was something to love and care for, and a spot of ground to call her own. One feels the rhythm of the soil, the undercurrents of a life lived close to the soil, the basic differences in an alien race, with their generosity and carelessness, their humor and passions, their emotions played upon like harp strings by every passing whim. The book lacks the perspective that lends humor to the interpretation, but thereby gains in vitality. The publishers are giving it an attractive format, good type, charming sketches.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1935
ISBN: 081730388X
Publisher: Stokes