LE DESERT DE BIEVRES: The Desert of Bievres by Georges Duhamel

LE DESERT DE BIEVRES: The Desert of Bievres

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A fifth novel in the series -- Chronique Des Pasquier -- which does not require, however, any familiarity with the preceding volumes. This is the story of a retreat from everyday life, when eight young men decide to build a new world within four walls, a world free from material cares and animosity of all kinds. They rent a house at Bièvres set up a printing press through which they will derive their communal income, and anticipate complete harmony through friendship and solidarity. By the very nature of man -- it is proved impossible. The daily aggravations, petty treacheries, suspicions, lead to the disintegration of this modern Utopia. There is both wit and wisdom throughout -- not to mention a philosophic undercurrent which makes this provocative reading, though quiet.

Publisher: Mercure De France (Edition Sequana)