LE COMBAT CONTRE LES OMBRES: ""War Against the Shadows by Georges Duhamel
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LE COMBAT CONTRE LES OMBRES: ""War Against the Shadows

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This is the last addition to the Pasquier Chronicles, and will be included in the trilogy that Henry Holt is publishing here later this spring. This is Laurent Pasquier's book, Laurent the liberal-intellectual of the family who until now had led an ivory-tower existence in his biology laboratory. When the head of the scientific institute, a politician, gives a job to a simple-minded, ineffectual and somewhat repulsive man as a favor to some of his political associates, and refuses to remove him from the laboratory where he is impeding Laurent's work, Laurent writes a protest for one of the liberal papers which launches the issue of politics versus free science. Laurent is broken by the machine at the close, losing his professional standing and his position. One of the most dramatic volumes in this series, with the tempered realism, the sharp understanding of French middle class life which places Duhamel in the vanguard of French contemporary writers.

Publisher: Mercure De France