SATAN'S CHILDREN by Georges Simenon


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Two long-shorts The Truth About Bebe Donge and Four Days of a Poor Man, again mercilessly expose the sexual and psychological urges that drive men to vengeance and to shame. In the first the worldly, upright Francois Donge recovers from the arsenic with which his wife had poisoned him, relives the course of his life and marriage that had led to such a happening and, in deeper understanding, follows her trial and sentencing. In the second, Francois Lecoin, at the death of his wife, Germaine, pulls himself out of the poverty he had known by printing a blackmailing scandal sheet and making use of his two brothers. And when his protection fails, his flight to freedom is wrecked as his son suicides. A relentless diagnosis of tainted sex, of the blurring of moral concepts and the unbalance of mental health, projects a clinical rather than a sensational atmosphere and probes impersonally rather than luridly. For his recent, rather than his earlier followers.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1953
Publisher: Prentice-Hall