PRIVATE ZOO by Georgess McHargue


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As Lewis Harvey sees their shadows projected on interior and outside walls, fat Uncle Oscar becomes a hippopotamus, skinny bandana-ed Aunt Joyce a giraffe, hopscotching Cathy's and Carrie's scarves become rabbit ears, a motorcyclist's streaming hair a lion's mane, and a charging line of footballers a buffalo herd. Even in the flesh Lewis' relatives (at least the adults among them) could be fugitives from a weird sort of zoo, so it's no wonder that after encountering them all Lewis, who starts out wanting to go to a regular one, ends up declining an invitation on the grounds that ""I've just been to the zoo."" That's all there is to McHargue's story, which to us is disappointingly corny and contrived, but Foreman's transformations are clever enough to make this a diverting oddity.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1975
Publisher: Viking