A CIVIL CONTRACT by Georgette Beyer


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Differing from previous Regency romances in its theme of a marriage of convenience, this follows Capt. Adam Deveril, Lord Lynton, in his decision to sell his title and wed the daughter of wealthy CH Chawleigh. His heart lost to the beauteous Julia Oversley, and she lost to him through his dead father's debts and the responsibility to maintain Fontley Priory and provide for his two sisters and mother, Adam is accepted by Jenny who, with more sense than sensibility, proceeds to make him most comfortable. Her father however with his massive generally is an obstacle, while Julia's lingering charms are a threat, and it is to Jenny's calm determination and Adam's ability to feel sympathy for his vulgar father-in-law that the civil contract turns into a lasting, respected bond. There's more substance to this spirited picture of London and Lincolnshire life, of the and its mannerel ways, of the give -- and take- that ""golden shackles"" demand. Likable.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1961
Publisher: Putnam