THE TOLL-GATE by Georgette Heyer


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Another Regency rollick when Captain John Staple tries to account for some kind of bobbery that has caused eleven year old Ben's father to disappear. His impersonation of a toll-gate keeper leads him to Nell Stornaway, whose bedridden grandfather is unable to prevent his heir, Henry, from foisting unpleasant Coate on their home, Kellands. The peculiar questions of one Stogumber, who turns out to be a Bow Street Runner, indicate levilish havey cavey afoot and Staple is right-handed by highwayman Chirk in his investigations which lead to the hold-up and robbery of a government coach carrying newly minted, coinage. Marriage to Nell on her grandfather's deathbed and a promise to protect the tornaway name provoke Staple to fast action but he clears Chirk, protects Henry, pays off and writes an end to Stogumber's assignment. The cant of the day makes this a flash tongued romance-adventure tale-which has humor and intelligence.

Pub Date: Aug. 30th, 1954
Publisher: Putnam