THE QUIET GENTLEMAN by Georgette Heyer


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There's less bounce in this newest Heyer and more of a touch of Thirkellian social scenes but the story of Gervase Frant, Lord St. Erth, and his assumption of his role of master of Stanyon, has its moments of gay character conflict. For Gervase is a complete hand at taking in people by his mild compliance and his step-mother, the Dowager, finds her powerful monologues thwarted, Martin, her indulged halfling son, is put in his place and the two ladies in his life, Drusilla and Marianne, cannot be sure of his affections. Attempts on Gervase' life, Martin's jealousy and dislike, Drusilla's rational unfemininity add to the damned him, and, no bamming, Gervase turns tables prettily. With his life saved and the would be murderer packed off, it is the gently assertive Drusilla for whom the wedding bells will ring. Genteel melodrama, completely in period, for those with an acquired taste.

Pub Date: Feb. 29th, 1952
Publisher: Putman