FRIDAY'S CHILD by Georgette Meyer


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A lightsome, brightsome comedy of Regency days, this makes merry with the marriage of Sherry (his hand refused by the Incomparable Isabella), and orphaned, seventeen year old Hero, country raised, naive, unsophisticated, but virtuous. Sherry, and his fellow bucks, treat her like a younger sister, and she, adopting their language, attitudes and outspokenness, makes a romp of London society. Her innate good taste and respectable upbringing, together with the loyalty of Sherry's friends, keep her from real trouble. Sherry, continuing his debonair, wild ways, has trouble when Hero will not curb her pleasant, free ways, so she manages her misadventures, brings Sherry to heel and settles the fate of the Incomparable with true femininity. Maybe thins out -- but the period properties are colorful, and the protagonists likable.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1945
Publisher: Putnam