CHRISTIAN ETHICS by Georgia Harkness


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There are many books written on the subject of this book,- the application of Christian ethical principles to the problems of human living. Most start with the Biblican foundations of Christian ethics, and then go on to apply them to contemporary problems, self and society, marriage, economic life, race, the state, war, peace, and others. So does this one, and Georgia Harkness, Professor of Applied Theology at the Pacific School of Religion, has done a solid piece of workmanship in presenting this familiar material. It is sound Christianity, and the readers of her many other books will be glad to have this one too. But the ground has been equally well covered before, so that one regrets that there is not to be found here new insight into the nature of Christian morality and a new coming-to-grips with the ever-changing problems before us. The book seems to be a much used course of lectures full of wisdom tried and true.

Publisher: Abingdon