THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD by Georgia Harkness


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For many years Georgia Harkness has been making much sense to American Christians with a series of books which spoke to them where they were. In The Providence Of God she has exceeded herself. She has asked the question, ""Does God Care?"", and in answering it has proved herself a theologian worthy of respect while still remaining a writer of appealing interest. Any Christian with a high school education can read the book with profit, but even the professional theologian can be intrigued by the unusual presentation of the material. Of special interest are her chapters on ""Miracle and Natural Law"", and ""Providence and Prayer"". Whatever chapter appeals to you most, however, you will be conscious of the warm, vibrant believer, who had the peculiar ability to produce this book which would say so much that was useful to our day. This, in fact, is the book's greatest value. Not much new is said here, but everything that is said is offered with a conscious knowledge of atom bombs, power politics, the deterioration of personal morality and the loss of sense of corporateness, without which the Church loses its very life. Here Georgia Harkness speaks with a clear voice, and strong. When she is through, some of the difficulties, resolve, others become unimportant, and those which remain are seen in their ghastly garb as opponents of the Christ.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon Press