THE CHURCH AND ITS LAITY by Georgia Harkness
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Georgia Harkness needs no introduction in the field of religious literature, for her long list of helpful books has established her reputation, but this is one of the best writings we have from her prolific pen. She covers a great deal of territory succinctly and with stimulating insight. Beginning with a discussion of the various concepts that underlie our use of the word ""Church"", she goes on to trace historically how the Church came to be divided, and the characteristic ideas that are emphasized in the various families of the Church. Her distinct contribution then begins as she works on the idea of the laity as the people of God, who corporately are responsible for the mission and ministry of the Church. Her most powerful chapters have to do with what the world is doing to the Church, and what the Church can do to change the world. She further discusses the genuine contributions the laity are making in such fields as unity, the devotional life and the arts. So lucid is her writing and so pungent is her message that this book should be read by everyone with a concern for the Church. Fortunately, she has also written for the widest possible audience, so that an ordinary layman can handle her ideas easily. Pastors and Church Boards will want this volume read by everyone with a leadership responsibility.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1962
Publisher: Abingdon Press